We are going above and beyond what is necessary to open.

In addition to the below list of updates for the time being we will be requiring PPE (face mask or face shield). It’s 45-60 minutes of a mild inconvenience to keep yourself and others healthy. No big deal.  Remember it will be 64-66 degrees in the studio to keep you cool!

Studio Updates:

  1. Zetrisil: a nano-particle barrier that disinfects surfaces continuously
  2. Plexiglass at front desk
  3. H13 HEPA Air sanitizer
  4. Hand sanitizer available
  5. EPA wipes for equipment
  6. Touch-less thermometer upon entering
  7. 8 x 8 workout spaces
  8. Covid 19 testing for coaches
  9. Extra disposable masks if you forget yours/hate yours
  10. Hands free front door entry
  11. And we are continuing our 11 cleanings a week and sanitizing every piece of equipment every time anyone uses/touches it.

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